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In today’s digital landscape, your business must use the latest trends in technology to enhance the employee and customer experience, improve productivity, increase security, and decrease operational costs. You need an experienced service provider that can help you keep up with the ever-evolving technology. ACT offers comprehensive and technologically-competent software services to help you serve your consumers in the best possible way and to stay ahead of your competitors!

Unlock the Potential of Software to bring out the best version of your business with ACT

With 30 years of experience as a Software Service Provider, ACT can cater to the industry-specific needs of your business enterprise. Use our personalized Software Services to enhance visibility, boost productivity, transform your business model, and manage endpoints in your company. From Mobile & Web App Development and ECM & BPM Enterprise Solutions to Mobile Device Management (MDM) and more, ACT is a one-stop destination for all the software requirements of your business – from the initial stages of technical needs assessment right down to implementation.


Mobile & Web App Development

You need top-notch mobile & web apps with technological scalability and development ingenuity for your business or new startup venture. Leverage ACT’s experience as a Mobile & Web App provider to plan, design, develop, implement, test, support and maintain custom mobile & web apps regardless of your industry requirements.

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ECM & BPM Enterprise Solutions

We transform and manage content, communication, and processes of business enterprises to enhance security, reduce operation costs, boost efficiency, improve customer experience, and more. ACT, with its partner Newgen Software, offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions for businesses in Antigua & Barbuda & other Caribbean islands.

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Threads Culture – 360 Performance Review Solution

Analyze the performance of your employees and individual teams using predefined metrics in ACT’s Threads Culture 360 Performance Review Solution. We help business enterprises to perform at 100% efficiency through enforcing a thriving company culture by eliminating barriers and implementing core values with better monitoring, accountability & maximum visibility. Our Threads Culture Software builds and strengthens your culture by putting your organization’s core values and each team member’s performance results foremost. We believe Culture = Core Values + Results. Let us walk with you as we help you transform your company culture.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Use a cognitive approach to unified mobile device management (MDM) for efficiently handling the growing number & diversity of mobile device endpoints in your business. Our IBM MaaS360 with Watson MDM solution gives you adequate visibility, manageability and security for running iOS, macOS, Android and Windows. Take advantage of seamless over-the-air (OTA) device enrollment for easy, rapid deployment using our MaaS360 top-rated cloud. Mobile Device Management (MDM) by ACT helps you to boost productivity & enhance IT visibility and efficiency by eliminating new risks & identifying opportunities.

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