Enhanced Monitoring and Maximum Security Against
Cyber Threats.

Automated & Multiple-Shield Protection Against Breaches

With the increasing number of connected devices, your business data has become more vulnerable than ever. You need comprehensive, automated, and smart cybersecurity solutions to increase visibility & control across your business’ network. ACT offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for businesses and enterprises to identify and eliminate potential threats or breaches at an early stage.

Advanced Threat Detection & Impregnable Network Security with ACT

Do you know how many personal or business devices, connected to your business network, are vulnerable to cyber threats putting your whole business at risk? With ACT’s most advanced cybersecurity solutions, you can ensure 24/7 monitoring to get enhanced visibility and generate automated responses against cyber threats. We offer Next-Generation Firewalls, Endpoint Protection & Management, and other customized cybersecurity solutions for your businesses.


Next-Generation Firewalls

ACT offers Next-Generation Firewalls that closely monitor your network’s traffic to identify and eliminate any possible threats at an early stage. Boost security, enhance visibility and prevent advanced cyber threats from spreading using our smart next-generation firewalls.

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Endpoint Protection & Management

Achieve greater security, boost productivity and reduce costs using complete network visibility to isolate known and unknown viruses, malware and cyber threats. Consistently monitor & identify vulnerable endpoints, apply security patches, and enforce cybersecurity compliances to restore their integrity using Endpoint Protection & Management by ACT.

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