Consumer Electronics

A One-Stop Destination for Your IT Needs

In today’s super-competitive business landscape, you need a reliable technology provider that can keep up with the ever-evolving IT needs of your business to minimize downtime, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

ACT has been the most trusted and reliable provider of consumer electronics for 30 years, island wise! We sell, install, maintain, and support computers, printers, printer supplies & other electronics to ensure that the IT infrastructure of your business functions at its maximum performance capability.

With ACT, you get 30 years of industry experience, access to trained technicians, always available technical support, delivery at your doorsteps, local, integrated & customized solutions, and more!

ACT has partnered with the world’s best IT providers to cater to the specific IT needs of business from different industries. We offer computers & electronics for business enterprises, working professionals, students, and more. From computers and monitors to UPS, printers, printer supplies, routers, and more, ACT is a one-stop destination for all your IT needs. The two store brands are ACT and RadioShack.

Are you looking for a reliable IT partner for your business? Visit ACT SuperStore at Market & Church St. and ACT Service Centre at Old Parham Rd. for computers, monitors, top-quality UPS, Printers, Printer Supplies – HP Ink Cartridges & Paper, and Smartphones, among many other tech.

ACT is a Premier Partner and Service Centre for HPE, Aruba, APC, and various others. ACT is a local consumer electronics store in Antigua and offers affordable, super-reliable & top-notch solutions for all your IT needs. We offer guaranteed repairs and support for all our products. You can contact us directly for replacement, installing assistance, and other support for our products!

RadioShack is a sister store of ACT for consumer electronics. From high quality, low-cost batteries to speakers to LED lights and much more, RadioShack is a shopping hub for all your electronics needs. Visit RadioShack Downtown at Market & St. Mary’s St. or our branch at the Woods Shopping Centre for a wide range of consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers, Computers, Cellphones, Tablets & much more!

Rest assured of the performance of the electronics products you buy from RadioShack! We ensure that your products function perfectly at the time of installation. If you face any issues related to our products or have any questions during installation, always count on us for any technical assistance.

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